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Blue Bike

We are Blue Bike

We are a young company, founded by bike lovers. After we traveled through various countries, and enjoyed the bike culture in those countries, we decided it was time to create something of our own, here in Alicante.

Sustainable Tourism

We strongly believe that going by bike is a very good way to explore the city, and also a very environmentally friendly one!

Discover Alicante

At Blue Bike we offer different types of tours and bicycles for each of your adventures, always with a different objective. Discover Alicante in another way!


We are intrigued by the life on 2 wheels, believing in a type of transport that is clean, ecological and healthy. We live and we work in Alicante, a city that on average enjoys 2.800 hours of sun per year, with an annual average temperature of 19.3º, an ideal average to spend the greater part of the year in open air, enjoying all kinds of things that the city has to offer, by bike!

Sustainable Tourism
Different Tourism
Active Tourism


R.I.P =(

If one day you come to visit us at the shop, maybe you will meet our lovely faithful «dude». This four-legged guy is our sweet partner at the business and he is looking forward to see you on the road, riding a blue bike! One more thing about dude: He is not compatible with cats so maybe you will hear a funny bark if he sees one of them nearby.


"The Dutch girl"

After studying in Holland I decided to come to Alicante for a Spanish language course. I fell in love with the city right away and decided to officially move here a year later. Different cultures, different languages and almost always sunny. Alicante is definitely the place to be for me. I´ve always enjoyed connecting with people and being around different people. During the tour I enjoy to have conversations with the people that are cycling with me and of course you can always ask me anything you want to know about the city and my life here!


The Big boss?

Obsessively passionate about traveling the world, I discovered the most fun and fascinating way to explore cities on wheels. I settled in the warm and sunny white coast on the Mediterranean with desire to undertake and bet on a different project for tourism in Spain. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child I remember moving around the city by bike to the park, to the beach, to the school, to everywhere… I hope to meet you on your next trip to Alicante and to see you leave the bike shop with a smile.

This project could not be possible without the unconditional support of María and the whole family. Love u!


"The Big boss"

Although many do not know her or she is not seen much in the store, she is truly always in all the details behind the scenes!
She is a very valuable and important player for the company since its founding with her tireless work and support.

our philosophy

After several years to travelling the world and visiting lots of cities on «two wheels», we came to think that Alicante is also an ideal city for the development of the «cicloturismo». Our aim is to provide every tourist that visits the city with a unforgettable experience. We try to improve tourism in Alicante, and we believe that a bike ride is a nice enjoyable and healthy way to explore the city. Our mission is to be available whenever somebody needs a bicycle!